Felipe Tadd Pvt Ltd is manufacturing, exporting and distributing high quality apparels and garments across the globe. We are known for our decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing. We deliver the finest blend of quality apparels with a promising fashion and design approach that meets international quality and standards. At Felipe Tadd we aim to reach our customers through various marketing chains with the help of our most efficient system and team. We have developed a strategy to set ourselves apart from the rest.  We will be taking our shape as a manufacturer, exporter, distributor, wholesaler and even as a retail outlet. Last but not least; our highly experienced design team in the UK is watching latest trends around the world to keep us up to date.  We welcome buyers from all over the world.


Felipe Tadd is a group of experienced businessmen from various sectors ranging from manufacturing, exporting, marketing, retail and e commerce. We bring ideas on table and invite thoughts from multiple angles. We research, analyse, plan and implement to make the best out of every single idea coming on to our table. That is our core strength.